"Listening to the group was the musical highlight of my time in Melbourne. It is simply FIRST CLASS all the way. BRAVO!"

Tim Lautzenheiser (The Art of Successful Teaching & the Joy of Inspired Teaching)

"Exaudi combines artistic awareness and integrity with boundless vitality and a real understanding of blend and ensemble in a wide range of styles... [they are] ambassadors for all that is best in Australian choral singing."

"Vibrant singing... Fine ensemble... so much to enjoy."

Prof. William Hawkey, MBE

"Excellent choral tone and sense of phrasing."

Don Whitbread, OAM

"An invaluable vehicle for young musicians in Melbourne."

Geoff Hayhow (Director of Music and Performing Arts, Westbourne Grammar School)

"A challenging, energetic and exciting environment to practice and appreciate music."

Catherine Mitchell & Alyce Watkins (choristers)

"The weekly rehearsals are already one of the highlights of my week"

Veronika Busch (chorister)

"We are truly inspired and moved by your energy and are extremely grateful for the time you spent sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you for allowing us to grow as musicians and as a choir."

Alyce Watkins (chorister)